Do you ever feel like you start a task or project and then just mentally check out? Maybe you feel mentally checked out in a general way and wonder what causes it. New View Wellness in Atlanta helps people figure out ways to improve their mental health by attending the right kind of therapies that help heal their specific needs. We show people how to feel more confident and invested in what’s going on in their lives and plan bright futures. This helps them want to stay checked in and participate fully in their lives.

How Can You Tell If You Are Mentally Checked Out?

The definition of being mentally checked out can be different for each person, but some signs of it are universal. The symptoms can show up in how a person feels, thinks, acts, and reacts to others. Common signs of being mentally checked out include:

No Motivation: A person or an activity might have previously filled the person with excitement, but now they find it difficult or impossible to muster any enthusiasm. Even simple tasks or conversations can prove exhausting and make the person feel burned out. 

Difficulty Accomplishing Much: The person may get behind at work or in school or not be able to fulfill commitments made to others. 

Loss of Interest in Hobbies and Pastimes: Being mentally checked out can mean no longer caring about social events or participating in favorite hobbies or pastimes. Even the idea of finding new activities may feel like too much trouble.

Constantly Feeling Tired: Being checked out can cause a person to feel physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted. This can surface in the form of lethargy or disturbances in a person’s sleep.

Symptoms of Mental Illness: Someone who has checked out from life may actually be showing signs of a mental health disorder. They may be experiencing depression, anxiety, trauma-based illnesses, or other mental illnesses that can be treated.

Where Do Most People Mentally Check Out?

When someone becomes mentally checked out, it can happen in relation to specific situations or parts of their life. While someone may check out mentally without a pattern or it may feel like a constant state of mind, there are some common places that trigger the need to remove themselves from what’s going on. 

Everyone has a day or two when they just can’t focus on their job. It becomes a problem when the person mentally checks out from it for a long period of time. The reasons for this can vary but often include a person feeling unfulfilled by their job, but they don’t know how to transition to another one or feel intimidated to try doing that. Alternatively, they may love their career choice but be overwhelmed by things like too many responsibilities or looming deadlines. This can cause them to try to put their minds on hold while they get through each workday.

Someone’s personal life can cause them to feel mentally checked out. They might be overwhelmed by ongoing demands on their time or a crisis they are trying to manage. As well, they might simply be tired of having a dull routine day after day, which causes them to just go through the motions without really registering any emotions. 

Another place that can cause someone to check out mentally is being in a relationship. This can be because the relationship is complicated and full of discord, whether it’s with a family member, close friend, or a romantic partner. When the individual reaches overload, it can feel easier just to put their mind on hold. For others, it can be a relationship that has become monotonous and doesn’t hold the same value it used to which tempts them to check out mentally.

How Do I Check Back In?

Now that you know you mentally checked out, how do you go about checking back in? First, take stock of what parts of your life have been affected by checking out. Set goals to help you get to a place of excitement about your life again, such as changes you might make to your career or personal relationships. When you find yourself checking out, work on practicing mindfulness to stay in the moment. Do some deep breathing exercises, take a yoga class, or learn how to meditate. 

Talk to people you trust who can help you identify areas of your life that can benefit from change. The act of opening up and discussing your problems helps you figure out what steps to take to correct them. In addition, make sure you are taking care of yourself physically. Eat a healthy diet, get regular exercise, and get on a sleep schedule. Having a check-up with your doctor can help correct any problems in this area. 

Finally, consider speaking with a mental health therapist to help you identify if checking out is a sign of a bigger problem going on. Talk therapy and holistic therapy can help you set worthwhile goals and improve the symptoms caused by poor mental health.

Find Treatment To Improve Your Mental Health

Do you feel mentally checked out and want to understand what’s going on? New View Wellness in Atlanta can provide an assessment that helps you understand the current state of your mental health and any ways you can improve it. We treat several types of mental health disorders like anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and more. Our skilled therapists use their experience to get to know you and lead you through therapy modalities that change your life for the better.

If you would like to find out more about our program, contact us now. We can help you feel mentally checked in and excited about life again.