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At our outpatient mental health facility in Atlanta, we recognize the challenges that come with anxiety disorders, mood disorders, thought disorders, trauma, and more. This allows us to get to the root of your condition and help you begin to heal. Our luxury facilities merge healing and comfort in mind when you need it the most.
When someone experiences poor mental health, it impacts their entire lives. Symptoms of untreated or misdiagnosed mental health conditions can negatively affect a person’s relationships, career, academic life, and family. At New View Wellness, we understand how vital it is to receive the proper treatment from qualified professionals to help you understand your root cause issue and take control of your mental health.




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How Does Outpatient Mental Health Facility in Atlanta Work?

If you’re struggling with your mental health, but don’t need round-the-clock care, our programs may be the best option for you. Outpatient programs are not one specific type of treatment, but instead, focus on different types of treatment modalities that take place in our clinical setting, and involve no overnight stay. 

Our outpatient mental health treatment works by tailoring each session and schedule in accordance with each individual’s needs. When someone begins our program, they’re taken though a full assessment to determine the best course of treatment. Our compassionate therapists and doctors then routinely assess each person through a collaborative process to determine if the current medication they are on is working, or if the client feels it is not working. Our staff thoroughly educates each client and works to put together a treatment program that best fits their needs.

Benefits of Outpatient Mental Health Treatment

For those who are medically stable with a strong support system at home, outpatient mental health treatment has a number of benefits that include:

  • Creating a strong support system through group therapy, individual therapy, medication management, and more.
  • Allows clients to continue going to school, work, and attend to outside obligations
  • Provides clients the opportunity to practice learned skills in real-time in their daily lives.
  • Typically, outpatient treatment is more affordable than inpatient treatment. 

Barriers to Mental Health Treatment

Years ago, those with mental illness were shamed, shunned, and treated as outcasts for an illness they had no control over. Today, these same stigmas can prevent individuals from seeking the true care that they need. Shame about symptoms of depression or anxiety may cause a person to fear being vulnerable and honest about their symptoms out of fear of being perceived as “weak” or “unstable.” As a result, many can turn to alcohol, drugs, and other substances or maladaptive behaviors to self-medicate. Many of these stigmas plague the truth about these treatable conditions. 

However, in the United States, mental health disorders are far more common that we realize. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, one in five American adults have experienced a mental health issue. In addition, one in 20 Americans live with a serious mental illness. 

At New View Wellness, we act as a catalyst to combat this nationwide issue. The staff at our outpatient mental health facility in Atlanta works to educate clients, family members, and those in our community about the complex but treatable nature of mental illness. We offer multiple services including family therapy as well as dual diagnosis treatment. Our hope is to help those in our client’s families and community understand that mental health disorders are a treatable condition and that receiving help for a mental condition is nothing to feel shameful about.

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New View Wellness in Atlanta offers world-class outpatient mental health treatment for your mental health or that of someone you love. We offer services like individual counseling, family therapy, psychiatry, and med management. When a client admits into our facility, we’re dedicated to providing an environment that puts them at ease. Our facility houses cozy furnishings and is always kept sparkling clean. Not only is our facility safe and comfortable, but the city of Atlanta can be tranquil and refreshing. 
Our outpatient services allow you to take advantage of top-level care while still living at home. Visit our admissions page now and see how easy it is to make an appointment and get started on enjoying better mental health.


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