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Living with agoraphobia can severely limit a person’s life and make even the simplest of tasks difficult to complete. When someone finds that agoraphobia has taken over their world, they can learn to overcome it by attending the right program. New View Wellness in Atlanta provides outpatient mental health treatment that teaches people to push their boundaries and rejoin the world without anxiety. We provide in-person and virtual outpatient care for adults and teenagers. With our help, people with agoraphobia can minimize their symptoms and stop letting fear rule their lives.

What is Agoraphobia?

Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder that causes a person to be afraid of situations related to being in public. When they are somewhere they do not feel comfortable or safe, they experience high levels of anxiety and may have panic attacks. This often leads to the individual avoiding going to locations that may trigger these feelings. This can lead to them having a constantly narrowing list of places they feel comfortable. 

Fear of going somewhere can start before the person leaves the house. Alternatively, episodes of anxiety may occur when the person is already out in public. They end up feeling terrified, helpless, unable to easily escape, and embarrassed by their reactions. Common places that prove difficult for people with agoraphobia include public transportation, enclosed spaces, crowded places, and standing in lines. Some people need a friend or family member to accompany them when they go to triggering places, but they still risk feeling anxious and needing to flee the scene. While getting better may seem hopeless, getting treatment for agoraphobia helps people overcome this challenging mental health disorder.

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How Is Agoraphobia Treated?

Like other types of anxiety disorders, people with agoraphobia have options for getting effective help. Treatment for agoraphobia includes using different types of therapy to help the person express their fears and work through them. Individual talk therapy helps millions who deal with anxiety. In particular, cognitive behavioral therapy can be used to help a person learn to challenge their fears and reframe how they see them. Over time, the anxiety decreases and the person becomes more comfortable facing triggering situations and locations.

Psychiatry and using prescription medications can also help reduce a person’s symptoms of agoraphobia. Sometimes a person only needs to take FDA-approved drugs for a short period of time, while others benefit from long-term usage.

Agoraphobia Treatment Options at New View Wellness

  • When someone comes to us for treatment, we begin by getting to know them. We do an extensive assessment so we understand their diagnosis and the symptoms they experience. This allows us to create a plan that meets their unique needs and includes the right therapies. We also discuss options for using prescription medications. Our assessment helps us work with each person to create treatment goals, which we revisit as they progress through treatment. 

Can You Treat Agoraphobia Naturally?

Agoraphobia presents a huge challenge to someone’s mental health and ability to live their life. Because of this, getting professional treatment gives people the best ability to overcome their condition permanently. At the same time, natural approaches to reducing symptoms can be practiced both during treatment and after it concludes. Natural methods for treatment for agoraphobia include learning breathing exercises that lower feelings of anxiety. They can be used when a person feels the onset of anxiety or during a panic attack. 

Learning progressive muscle relaxation techniques helps lessen the tension in the body. As a result, a person feels less anxiety. Positive self-talk is another form of natural treatment. Anxiety typically involves a feeling that the person is doomed and they cannot stop things from going wrong. Learning to challenge these thoughts and discover the person’s power proves helpful. 

Other natural ways to reduce the tendency to experience anxiety include getting a good night’s sleep, engaging in regular exercise, and eating a healthy, balanced diet. As well, someone with agoraphobia should avoid abusing alcohol or drugs. While it may seem they help alleviate symptoms temporarily, substance abuse actually can increase feelings of anxiety and depression.

What to Expect at our Agoraphobia Treatment Center

New View Wellness in Atlanta provides treatment for agoraphobia on an outpatient basis. This means the person does not need to move into a facility to get the focused, expert care they need. Instead, they travel to our location for daytime treatment sessions. The levels of outpatient treatment we offer include: 

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Agoraphobia can be one of the cruelest mental health disorders because it limits a person’s ability to be comfortable in the world. New View Wellness in Atlanta created a treatment for agoraphobia program that helps adults and teenagers. We offer different levels of outpatient care, including virtual sessions for those who qualify. Our compassionate therapy staff provides evidence-based therapeutic sessions that teach people to overcome the symptoms of agoraphobia. We also offer access to prescription medications that can be real game-changers for people as they work on improving their mental health.

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