Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for Teens

Do you have a teenager who struggles with poor mental health and needs help? Mental illnesses like anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and more are difficult for anyone who has them. It becomes even more complicated when the person is an adolescent and isn’t sure exactly what’s going on. New View Wellness in Atlanta offers a Teen IOP program that meets the specific needs of teenagers with mental health disorders. Our highly skilled staff uses their expertise to build bonds with adolescents and help them improve their mental health.

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What is an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for Teens


An IOP program for teens is a type of multi-disciplinary program that treats mental health disorders. A teen IOP program specifically focuses on taking care of teenagers who need help improving their mental health. It is the mid-level of outpatient programs, providing more focused care than regular outpatient plans but requiring less time than teen partial hospitalization programs. Participants in IOP attend sessions several days per week, typically on a half-day basis. They travel to a facility for their appointments and do not need to check into a residential facility. Multiple types of therapy are offered in an IOP treatment center that helps people address and overcome many symptoms of mental illnesses. 



How Can an Intensive Outpatient Program Help My Teen?

Teenagers who attend adolescent Intensive Outpatient Programs have access to a vast amount of treatment that doesn’t come with just one or two appointments per week. When a teenager suffers from poor mental health, it impacts every area of their lives. IOP provides therapists who teach young people to understand how their mental health disorders developed and what can be done to minimize the symptoms. They can work on healing painful events from their past and develop healthy coping skills to use well into their futures. 

IOP can help modify the behavior of teenagers who have been acting out in negative ways. What’s learned in the program can result in fewer disciplinary actions needed in school and at home and help the person achieve better grades. Adolescents who need prescription medications have access to them in treatment. This can help stop or reduce many symptoms of poor mental health and allow them to become more motivated to work hard in their therapy sessions.

Intensive Outpatient Program Schedule

An teen Intensive Outpatient Program holds treatment sessions Monday through Friday from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM. This consistent schedule of highly effective therapy appointments keeps young people focused on understanding their mental health and improving it. Some of the sessions will be one-on-one and others will involve group therapy. Devoting this amount of time to working on healing their illnesses still leaves time for the young person to keep up with their school work. In fact, once they complete an IOP program, teenagers often do better with their academic work and can begin to plan for an exciting, productive life after they graduate.

Mental Health Disorders Our IOP For Teens Helps

Getting treatment at our adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program means having access to world-class, multi-disciplinary care for a variety of mental health disorders. We provide an initial assessment of each individual to determine an accurate diagnosis of their mental illness. As a result, we can plan a schedule of therapy sessions that address their exact needs. We treat the following types of mental health disorders:

Additionally, we offer treatment for dual diagnosis, which is when the person has both a mental health disorder and an addiction to drugs or alcohol.

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Benefits of Teen IOP

Attending IOP for teens comes with many benefits for both the young person and their families. Therapy sessions are a highly beneficial way for people to have a safe outlet to talk about how they feel, think, and act. Teenagers can talk about how past events affected their lives and troubleshoot ways to handle current challenges. They develop the ability to understand when they have negative thoughts and behavioral patterns and how that contributes to poor mental health. When they learn to develop positive coping skills and have more confidence in themselves, they often stop feeling that no one understands them.
We employ a staff of psychiatrists and other mental health counselors who use their training and experience to communicate effectively with teenagers. We also offer access to prescription medications that help reduce symptoms of mental illnesses. As well, we believe in keeping parents informed and involved in how their children do in treatment. We offer family therapy to help family members learn to communicate with each other and support their loved ones in treatment.

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Are you a mom or dad who has a teenager struggling with their mental health? We know how scary it can be, but quality, effective treatment can be found. New View Wellness in Atlanta created a teen Intensive Outpatient Program that treats the needs of this population. Our therapists offer several types of therapy modalities that help young people understand their conditions and improve their mental health. We also offer access to prescription medications that help alleviate the symptoms of many types of mental illnesses. We know how to communicate with teenagers and we can help your child feel better.

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