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Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) affects the lives of many people and can feel frustrating. However, having OCD doesn’t have to make someone’s life unmanageable. New View Wellness offers an OCD treatment program in Atlanta that helps people learn to understand their illness and manage its symptoms. Our outpatient programs teach people to overcome many of the limits OCD can place on their lives. We also provide any necessary prescription drugs that help control the symptoms.

What is OCD?

OCD is a mental health disorder that includes having uncontrollable thoughts and behaviors. It causes the person to experience recurrent obsessive thoughts and to perform compulsive behaviors repeatedly. Even when the person knows their thoughts and actions are not normal or commonplace, they feel unable to stop them. Having OCD can negatively impact a person’s personal and professional life, making it difficult to do well at work and maintain personal relationships. Someone with OCD may spend several hours every day performing their rituals without being able to help themselves.  

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How Does OCD Treatment in Atlanta, GA Work?

OCD treatment in Atlanta consists of two main approaches. The first is participating in different types of therapy, including individual, group, and family therapy. As well, dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) helps people accept their condition and decrease the anxiety associated with it. Medications also help people with OCD, with antidepressants being the most commonly prescribed ones. Antidepressants approved by the FDA to treat OCD include:

  • Clomipramine
  • Fluoxetine
  • Fluvoxamine
  • Paroxetine
  • Sertraline  

Signs and Symptoms of OCD

The signs of OCD occur in two different ways. The first is obsessive thoughts that reoccur without the person being able to control them. Common thoughts often revolve around a fear of contamination via bodily fluids, dirt, germs, and unclean environments. A person may also have stressful images that appear uncontrollably to them. These include disturbing sexual thoughts or urges. They may also have a fear of harming someone even though they would likely never act on that thought. 

The second type of sign of OCD is the repetitious behavior a person feels unable to stop doing. The thoughts often lead to a need to perform the acts in order to soothe feelings of anxiety. The individual may do things like insist on an exact order in places like desktops, cabinets, drawers, and more. They often repeatedly wash their hands or perform other cleaning rituals. Many people feel a compulsion to check something over and over, like making sure a door has been locked or a stove turned off. 

Can Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Be Cured?

OCD cannot be cured, but the symptoms that come along with it can be effectively managed. Our OCD treatment in Atlanta helps people understand why they think and act as they do. From there, they can learn to lessen their anxiety and exhibit control over many of their symptoms.

OCD Treatment Programs in Atlanta, Georgia

OCD treatment in Atlanta consists of different levels of outpatient programs. Outpatient care means the individual does not have to move into a facility to receive helpful, focused care for their OCD. Our outpatient plans include an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), which takes place several days per week for a few hours per day. For those who qualify, IOP can be done virtually via an internet connection from the person’s home. 

The other type of outpatient program is a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP). This program provides much of the structured care found in a residential program and requires attendance several days per week for a whole or partial day. Both types of programs include access to multiple types of therapy and the availability of prescription medications.

How Do I Know I Need Treatment for OCD?

If you recognize yourself in the list of signs and symptoms of OCD, you likely need to be evaluated. Even if you feel you can control the symptoms temporarily, someone with OCD can never meet that goal for long. Psychological and medical staff who provide OCD treatment in Atlanta can help assess your situation and determine if you need help.

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Benefits of OCD Treatment at New View Wellness

Many benefits come from getting help for OCD. First, a person can begin taking effective medications that help control their symptoms. Proper treatment can help people recognize their patterns and anticipate some of their thoughts and actions. Treatment helps people reduce their stress levels, which helps reduce their symptoms. The individual can also participate in activities that help them feel calmer and provide healthy outlets. Family therapy sessions can also help family members learn how to support their loved one who has OCD.

Begin Treatment for OCD in Atlanta, Georgia

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a complicated mental health disorder that affects many lives. Treatment for it should come from skilled therapists who understand the intricacies of this mental illness and can help people learn to manage their symptoms. New View Wellness in Atlanta provides OCD treatment that helps people understand what this disease is about and how to keep it from interfering with their lives. Our programs take place on an outpatient basis, which allows people to receive the intensive care they need while still living in their own homes.

To find out how to get started on treating your OCD, visit our admissions page now. Help is just a phone call away.

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