About Our Atlanta Mental Health Facility

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About New View Wellness

About Our Atlanta Mental Health Facility

Do you have a mental health challenge you would like to address or know someone who does? New View Wellness is a fully accredited mental health facility in Atlanta that provides outpatient programs that help prepare you for successfully navigating the world of mental health and coming out the other side feeling better. We offer expert care from compassionate professionals with years of experience in treating mental illness. We guide you through each step of our treatment and prepare you to continue taking care of yourself in the future.



Everyone who struggles with mental health challenges possesses the power to help navigate some of their symptoms. New View Wellness provides the bridge that helps people understand how to do that and cross over into feeling a better sense of control over their mental health disorders. We believe information is power. Because of this, we teach the skills necessary to make real and tangible progress in managing a variety of mental illnesses.

Our Mission

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We believe that every person deserves to enjoy the best mental health possible. How they feel and act in relation to their mental health impacts every aspect of their lives, including career, relationships, school, and family. With this in mind, our mission is to get to know each client who comes to us so we can create a clear path to healing. Our fully-trained staff at our Atlanta mental health facility provides a thorough assessment of each person and then creates a plan designed specifically for them. 

We believe knowledge is power. We put a name to what our clients are dealing with, including mood disorders, anxiety disorders, thought disorders, PTSD treatment, and dual diagnosis. Once they receive a proper diagnosis for their particular challenge, we get to work on finding the best solutions for them. We employ the appropriate types of therapy and any needed medications to help put the power of good mental health back in the hands of our clients.

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Services We Provide

Outpatient Mental Health Services

New View Wellness understands the value of an expert, proven outpatient treatment program and what it can do to change a person’s life. We offer several options for quality outpatient care that help people improve their mental health so they can enjoy fuller lives. Services we provide at our mental health facility in Atlanta include:

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We understand that grappling effect that mental health disorders can have on you or your loved one. Reaching out for help is one of the most courageous things you can do. When you reach out to New View Wellness, we’ll take it from there. Our multidisciplinary admissions staff will help you and your loved one through a quick admissions process and get enrolled in outpatient mental health treatment with ease. To learn more about our Atlanta mental health treatment options, learn more about our frequently asked questions, call us now at  678-974-1155 or verify your insurance.


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