Genetic Testing for Mental Health in Atlanta, Georgia

As researchers gain greater insights into the human genome, the uses of genetic testing continue to expand. Today, genetic analysis can help you understand your heritage, find distant relatives, and even identify your risk for developing certain medical conditions. At New View Wellness, genetic testing for mental health purposes can also help us determine which medications may be most beneficial for you.
Genetic Testing for Mental Health

What Is Genetic Testing for Mental Health and How Does It Help?

Genetic testing for mental health is a relatively new development that can match people with the medications that are most likely to help them. This service can also identify the medications that have the greatest likelihood of causing adverse effects. 

Prescription medications can play an important role in mental health treatment, but different people may react in different ways to the same medication. Genetic testing for mental health can eliminate the trial-and-error method that our Atlanta Psychiatrist once often had to use to find the right type of medication and the proper dosage level for their patients or clients.

When one of our clients completes a genetic test, we receive a report with details about how their genotype and phenotype may influence the performance of several prescription medications. The report tells us which medications can be used as directed, which ones may need to have dosage adjustments to be effective, and which ones may cause problematic side effects.

The more information we have about our clients’ history and health, the better prepared we will be to select the medications, mental health therapy, and other services that are right for them. Genetic testing for mental health is one of several assessment tools we can use to calibrate our services to ensure they align most closely with the needs of our clients.

genetic testing for mental health

How Do Genetics Affect Mental Health?

There is a lot we still don’t understand about genetics. But it is becoming increasingly more evident that the information that’s contained in your genes can increase or reduce your risk for developing a mental health disorder.

In most cases, the likelihood that a person’s life will be affected by mental illness is influenced by both genetic and environmental factors. For example, if someone’s genetic makeup puts them at risk for major depressive disorder, this doesn’t mean that they will certainly develop this condition. But if they endure adverse childhood experiences and are exposed to stressful life events, they may be more likely to become depressed than someone else who has a similar history but who doesn’t have the genetic predisposition for depression.

As we discussed in the previous section, a person’s genes can also influence how well or how poorly they may respond to certain medications. At New View Wellness, genetic testing for mental health is focused on helping us identify the medications that are most appropriate for someone who is receiving care at our center.

What Does Genetic Testing Consist Of?

From the perspective of the person who is being tested, genetic testing for mental health is simple, quick, and painless. All the client needs to do is rub the inside of their cheek with a cotton swab. They will do this two times. That is the extent of their direct involvement in this process. 

The swabs, which now have the individual’s DNA on it, will be carefully packaged and delivered to a lab to be analyzed. Once the analysis is complete, the results will be sent back to New View Wellness. This typically takes just a few days.

Once we have received a client’s genetic testing results, a member of their treatment team will review the information with them. This professional will encourage the client to ask questions if there’s anything they don’t fully understand. As we do in all aspects of treatment, we want to be sure our clients always have the details they need, so that they can play an informed role in their care.

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Is Genetic Testing Covered by My Insurance?

Coverage of genetic testing for mental health can vary depending on your insurance provider and the specifics of your policy. 
If you’re not sure whether or not this service is covered by your plan, you may want to contact your insurance company. If you wish to have this service included in your comprehensive treatment for a mental health disorder, you can also call New View Wellness. A member of our team can review your policy with you to help you determine what it does and does not cover. With your permission, we can coordinate directly with your insurance provider to determine the scope of your coverage. We understand that paying for treatment can be a source of concern, and we are happy to help find the answers you have been seeking so that you can focus your full attention on your health.

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New View Wellness offers a variety of customized services for people who have been struggling with anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns. To ensure that we are offering focused care that best meets each person’s unique needs, we employ several assessment tools. This includes genetic testing for mental health. Contact us today to learn more about this service, to determine if genetic testing can help you, or to get additional information about any element of care at New View Wellness in Atlanta.


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