Frequently Asked Questions

Making a decision on where to go for effective, multidisciplinary treatment for your mental health can be intimidating at first. We make it easier for you to make a choice by answering some of your most frequently asked questions. New View Wellness in Atlanta provides outpatient care that changes lives and helps you enjoy better mental health today and for life. 

How long our program lasts depends on the level of care. PHP lasts for 30 days, and IOP lasts for 30-60 days. Someone attending both programs will spend a total of 60-90 days in treatment.

We provide family therapy to help people learn to come together and support their loved ones.

When symptoms of poor mental health interfere with your ability to enjoy life, make plans for the future, do well at work or in school, or have healthy relationships, mental health treatment can provide the support and care needed to heal.

We are located in Roswell, Georgia.

Yes, we are fully accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals (JCAHO).

Find Treatment For Mental Illness in Atlanta

New View Wellness in Atlanta believes in providing every person we treat with the specialized care tailored to meet their individual treatment goals. Our outpatient mental health programs provide different levels of care that meet you where you are and teach you to improve your symptoms. Are you ready to start healing your mental health with the help of a team of experts? Contact us today and let’s talk.