Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) causes a lot of mental and emotional anguish for those who have it. In fact, it can contribute to acting out in anger in what’s called BPD rage. When this happens, it can frighten and frustrate the individual and those around them. New View Wellness in Atlanta created a program to treat borderline personality disorder that helps empower people to gain control over many of their symptoms. Through therapy, they learn to de-escalate their anger by using healthy coping skills before it turns into full-blown rage. We also provide access to effective FDA-approved medications that help manage the symptoms of BPD. Our outpatient programs help adults and teenagers seize control of their lives and enjoy better mental health.

What is Borderline Personality Disorder?

Classified as a personality disorder, BPD is a challenging mental health disorder that requires skilled treatment from mental health professionals. People with BPD lack the ability to view and react in emotionally healthy ways to many events in life. They often become frustrated or act out in anger. While others may think they can control their actions, BPD rage is a symptom of the illness. Other symptoms of BPD include:

  • Difficulty regulating emotions
  • Moodiness
  • Fear of abandonment
  • Blaming others for their own actions and reactions
  • Rapidly changing how they view someone (going from liking/loving them to hating them)
  • Acting in irrational manners
  • Uncomfortable being alone
  • Quick to anger or act out in rage
  • Difficulty maintaining healthy or long-term relationships
  • Paranoia
  • Blames others for their actions
  • Risky behaviors
  • Self-mutilation

What is BPD Rage?

BPD rage is a result of the emotional dysregulation that comes with borderline personality disorder. The person has difficulty interpreting their own emotions and often misreads the emotions and actions of others. As a result, they act in unstable manners that often have anger as the hallmark. One of the fears people with BPD have is being alone or abandoned. Ironically, their illness often contributes to their acting out in ways that alienate people. This cycle often frustrates them, which leads to acts of BPD rage. The rage can show as yelling, instigating arguments, physical acts, threats of self-harm, or suicidal actions. Attempts to reason with the person with BPD prove fruitless.

How Long Does BPD Rage Last?

Bouts of BPD rage can last from less than an hour to a day or more. The frequency and severity of them depend on the person, how their behaviors typically manifest, and if they are currently receiving treatment. If they are taking medication, this can help reduce the amount of their fits of rage. 

How to Help Someone Experiencing BPD Rage

While ultimately someone’s BPD symptoms cannot be controlled by others, some simple steps can help de-escalate the situation and make the person feel heard and validated. Examples of ways to try to help someone in the midst of BPD rage include:

  • Speak to them in a calm voice
  • Tell them you understand they are upset and encourage them to sit down and try to relax
  • Play relaxing music
  • Do breathing exercises with them
  • Take a walk or engage in other light exercise
  • If they have a therapist, encourage the person to contact them

How is BPD Treated?

BPD can be treated by attending a formal program that provides focused care for this mental health disorder. For someone with severe symptoms, a residential program may be the best first step. After completing that, or as an alternative to it, outpatient treatment can provide structured care that addresses the needs of someone experiencing BPD rage. Different types of therapy services help people re-examine how they see themselves and others. As a result, they learn to control their outbursts and develop healthier relationships. 

Common types of therapy that provide good results for BPD include:

Psychotherapy: One-on-one therapy with a trusted therapist helps the person open up about how they feel and act and build a plan for treatment goals.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: This helps the person identify faulty or damaging beliefs and assumptions and develop healthy ones. 

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy: Helps the person regulate their emotions and learn distress tolerance to avoid acting out in rage.

Family Therapy: A therapist leads the family in conversation to help improve their communication and understanding of what BPD is like. From there, they learn more effective ways to support their loved ones.

Find Quality Treatment for BPD in Atlanta 

Do you struggle with BPD rage or have a teenager who does? Living with borderline personality disorder proves challenging for so many reasons, chief among them being difficulty controlling your emotions. New View Wellness in Atlanta employs a staff of mental health experts who use their training and skills to provide compassionate care for people with BPD. We match each individual with different types of therapy that help them in several ways. Learning a sense of control over their mental health disorder lends itself to feeling bouts of rage less often. We also offer medications that can help ease many of their symptoms.

Do you want to find life-changing help for your BPD or someone else who suffers from it? Contact us today and let’s talk about how we can teach you to feel better and calmer.