These days, it’s common for people to experience anxiety in different areas of their lives, but what about when it happens specifically when it comes to their jobs? When someone has anxiety going to work, it can interfere with their ability to do their jobs well or even get to work. What can be done when anxiety related to a person’s career causes serious problems? New View Wellness in Atlanta explores how to tackle workplace anxiety and improve your ability to do well on the job.

Experiencing Anxiety Going to Work

When someone has anxiety going to work, they find that their symptoms directly correlate with job-related issues, thoughts, and emotions. The individual not only feels anxiety while on the job but also before and after work. They often feel panicky just thinking about their job and try to find ways to avoid reporting for duty. This level of anxiety directly impacts the person’s ability to do quality work, complete their assignments, and work as a cohesive member of a team. 

Sometimes the person may be able to calm themselves down enough to get some work done, but they eventually (or quickly) return to feeling anxious. This often crippling anxiety can take place in a physical office a person travels to or in their own homes when they work from home. The individual may be able to identify some of the triggers for feeling anxiety, such as disliking their job or co-workers or wanting to change career paths. For others, the anxiety happens regardless of an identifiable source or at multiple jobs. 

Symptoms of Workplace Anxiety

Symptoms for work-related anxiety can be emotional, physical, and behavioral in nature. Commons signs include:

  • Avoiding talking to bosses or co-workers
  • Missing deadlines or making frequent mistakes in work
  • Panic attacks 
  • Gastrointestinal distress (nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea)
  • Headache
  • Body aches with no explanation
  • Fatigue
  • Brain fog on the job
  • Repeatedly using sick days or vacation time to avoid going to work
  • Inability to go to work at all
  • Requesting a leave of absence to alleviate feelings of anxiety
  • Feeling better when work is over or after avoiding a workday

Why Do People Get Anxiety Going to Work?

When someone develops anxiety related to working, they may not understand what constitutes the source of the anxiety. The causal factors of having anxiety going to work vary per person but common ones include:

  • Fear of performing poorly on the job
  • Experiencing a highly stressful or traumatic event on the job (recommended: How to tell the difference between stress and anxiety)
  • An already existing social phobia or other anxiety disorder
  • Ongoing conflict with a co-worker or boss
  • Being harassed or bullied by a co-worker or boss
  • Fear of speaking in front of co-workers, such as in meetings or presentations
  • Family history of anxiety
  • Extreme dissatisfaction with the job

During treatment for workplace anxiety, the therapist will discuss the possible origins of the person’s fears and brainstorm ways to address them.

How Is Work Place Anxiety Treated?

When someone experiences anxiety going to work to the extent that it compromises their ability to hold down a job or do well at it, they need professional treatment. When someone’s anxiety is severe, they may need to start with residential care. This is not a necessary option for many people because they respond well to outpatient treatment. Outpatient programs require the individual to travel to a facility for their treatment sessions during the day without the inconvenience of moving into a residential place. 

Some of the types of therapy offered in outpatient programs to treat anxiety include:

In addition, many people respond well to using prescription medications that minimize their symptoms of anxiety. For some, short-term usage of meds is all that’s required, while others benefit from using them for a longer period of time.

Does Insurance Cover Anxiety Treatment?

People who have anxiety related to going to work often wonder if their insurance can help cover the cost of receiving treatment. Anxiety disorders are classified as mental health disorders. As a result, most insurance companies offer some level of coverage. Anyone interested in using their insurance to pay for life-changing treatment should contact a representative for their company and discuss their options. Additionally, many treatment facilities offer free insurance verification and can help people determine what help they can receive through their program.

Find Treatment for Anxiety in Atlanta Today

Have you had anxiety going to work for a long time and need help overcoming it? It’s more common than you might think because many people struggle with feeling uncomfortable on the job now. New View Wellness in Atlanta understands how to treat anxiety related to work by offering several types of multi-disciplinary therapy that address anxiety. With the help of our experienced staff of highly skilled therapists, you can learn to ease your symptoms and feel more in control. We also offer access to FDA-approved medications that reduce the symptoms of anxiety and help you feel calmer.

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